NEW! Our creators’ fashion accessories to be worn daily, 100% French-made.

La Tribu des Oiseaux: fall in love with a model in our selection and you will also fall in love with the fancy little name that goes with it ;You are now part of the Tribe.

‘Utile’ scarves, caps and rain hats to wear on rainy days and on cold days. ‘Futile’ but oh so crucial hats or hair jewels for festive days,

Such are the genuine assets of our creations: fabrication is handmade, artfully mixing wool, silk, coton and cashmere, and our models change and alter with the trends and fashion.


made in


French fabrication

All our creations are handmade and homemade by unique creators with a genuine know-how in our own Croix-Rousse workshop in Lyons.

Owning our production tools guarantees our freedom and efficiency on the market.

Establishing our distinguished trademark in both creation and fabrication guarantees the quality control with a concern for perfection and in the respect of our convictions.

In 2013, we joined the French Federation of Craft Professionals : Ateliers d’Art de France

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  • Emmanuelle GAIDE
  • Lucy
    Modiste - 1ère d'atelier
  • Caroline
    Assistante administrative
  • Sarah
  • Florence GUYOT
    co- fondatrice
  • Jeanine - Jules - Hélène - Xavier - Fabrice - Franck - Jean Philippe - Marie Claire - Coralie - Gilles - Noémie...
    Partenaires au long cours
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